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Interior plant displays Interior plant displays

Office plants, plant rental, purchase and plant maintenance services

Rowan Landscapes have a variety of options to suit all budgets. Plants can be purchased outright or they can be rented from us. Renting plants is easy. You just pay a monthly fee to cover the cost of installation and servicing your displays. There are no hidden extras and there isnít any capital outlay to worry about. We are happy to take over any existing displays. If you are looking for a new company to maintain your office plants then call us.

No project is too large or too small

Whether you are interested in purchase or rental, for anything from a few plants selected to liven up your reception area to a major interior landscape project, we offer friendly and expert help. We conduct a free, no obligation site survey so that we can assess the light levels, temperatures, scale, space and colour of your surroundings. We use this information and put it together with your budget requirements and preferences to produce a design that is unique to you.

Weíll work with you to ensure that we find the best plants to use. Once the ideal plants have been selected we will help you choose the best planters in which to enhance your displays. We offer a wide choice of planters in a variety of materials, sizes, colours and textures.


Once we have agreed a final planting selection, we can arrange installation of your plant displays at a time that is convenient to you. We are very flexible, it could be during the daytime or outside of office hours.

You can rely on Rowan Landscapes to care for your plants. Our fully trained staff will visit you on a regular basis to water, feed, clean and care for your plant displays so that they always look their best.

The finishing touches

We donít simply turn up, water the plants and leave. We believe in consistency and attention to detail when it comes to looking after plant displays. We make sure that any service requirements you have are always quickly and efficiently taken care of.

Interior plant displays Interior plant displays Interior plant displays